Top 7 tips - How to be successful on your long distance relationship - Love at a Distance

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Top 7 tips - How to be successful on your long distance relationship - Love at a Distance Empty Top 7 tips - How to be successful on your long distance relationship - Love at a Distance

Post by Kazuya on Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:55 pm

Your partner shared his/her love life with you & after a few days, months or even years he/she goes abroad or went to live in another city. You will see them on a few days holiday or on the Internet /in a bar. You can not forget the wonderful moments of happiness that you shared with him / her. Don’t give up. Here are some hints and tips for successful distance love.

1. Be sure that - love is sincere!

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If you do not want to suffer later, be sure that your partner truly loves you before you commit to a long distance relationship. We must realize that this is a rather difficult situation to handle psychologically because the voltage is often high (one you miss, you miss it, fear of failure, and fear of being deceived ...) It is unnecessary to engage in "adventure", if you're not sure how to handle this pressure. Raise the question to you self “ Is this love is genuine and mutual” ?. A good start is essential for romantic relationships at a distance. If you actually stay for love, when you see him/her again, happiness is at its peak. 

2. Call up!

A healthy relationship needs a lot of communication and idea exchange from one to the other. The more you communicate, the more trust will settle and remain on the long term run. This can prove to your partner that you value him / her, and you're willing to invest time in the relationship. He / she will then recognize that you really care about them & love them genuinely. As a result they will happily invest their trust and love in this long distance relationship.

3. Have things in common!

A couple usually needs to have things in common; for example it may be traveling together in a foreign country, in the same country or just to see each other.  But this can be more ambitious call like living together or even create a family. Whatever the things you are involving as a couple together, the key is to give a future dimension to your relationship so that it persists over the long term. You and your soul mate you need to plan ahead for the dating relationship last, so this is one of the most effective ways to create a lasting romantic relationship at a distance.

4. Try to see each other as often as possible!

It not sufficient to see your lover through web cam or talk with them via Skype. You should physically see your lover as much as possible! Finding love is not enough, we must maintain, and unfortunately the phrase "out of sight, out of heart" was not invented by accident. If you do not see quite regularly, your love may fade, to wither, and you risk yourself to get bored. So as soon as you can, arrange as you want, but take a train ticket, take your car, take the plane: no matter how! Go , see as often as possible

5. Prove your love to your partner!

Let him / her have your love as self-confidence fact, so that the relationship continues. This can achieve by honestly expressing your intentions, such as what you want to do with him / her in the future… ect. Be sincere about your future goals. If you just want a sexual relationship say it, it might avoid your companion / companions much suffering and misunderstanding and it will prevent you from disappointments. However, if you really want a loving relationship, be prepared to invest much time to communicate by phone, Internet, Skype…

6. Avoid MSN, prefer the phone!

Internet certainly has its advantages for remote communication (including free availability). Existing ways as MSN, texting and other communication media can’t improve the quality of the human relationship to a greater extend. Prefer more routine means such as telephone or Skype, which allows voice and see the person in the best case. This helps maintain a relationship much stronger between you and your true love at a distance. But beware, this does not mean that a text messaging from time to time is no fun. If you want to communicate often, prefer phone as the most smart way to keep in touch with your love.

7. If your feeling down? And if it increase?

If you feel down, do not hide and be true. Don’t wait till your partner realizing it by him / herself, which eventually gives them a great suffer. Try to be maximum true and sincere to your partner, but also to yourself. This is also one of the key factors in improving any relationship. Whatever happens, if you want a romantic relationship at a distance, you must invest your time and show the other that he / she can trust you. This matter of trust is the foundation of a relationship in normal times, but more important when the relationship is remote. The other needs to feel that you're not going to / deceive or drop overnight, hence the importance of being honest and transparent about what you expect from each other, and therefore communicate up on this subject. Finally, you must find an actual way to see them regularly, nothing but the feelings keep the tension high until you meat them, the need and Love at a distance.

Best of luck with your relationship....! May you be happy at all the times.


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