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Rules and Regulations in this forum Empty Rules and Regulations in this forum

Post by gelian on Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:09 am

Welcome to PinoyTech Forum

This forum is for technical support about mobile phones, laptops, computer, hardware and software issue, programming, and other technical stuffs. Not only that, PinoyTech forum is offering free promotions to your sites (Forums, blogs, and other websites) and as well as business exclusive only in Philippine territory. It is important to read this rules and regulations before traveling in any aspects of this Forum.


1. Respect Admin staffs and members

This should be implemented and it is understandable. Members or any staffs who do not show respect to its co-staff or co-members we’ll be given a prior notice. They will be given four (4) warnings and after that he/she will be ban.

2. Please be patient

Especially in programming section, when needing a help or requesting for any programming codes, please don’t bump immediately the topic that you have posted. The word “bump” or “up” is the same. You can bump your topic after 24 hours as the programming support staff is not always online. So please be patient. There is also a member that helps also. Also, patience must be present to avoid chaos to this forum.

3. Avoid pornographic, racist, hateful, illegal, insulting content and post.

If you found any pornographic, insulting, or any post or topic that is illegal, please do screenshots in PM your staffs and admin and we will do action to that. Do not worry, your identity is safe at all time.

4. Respect each opinion.

People have a different opinion, so we must respect that. If the argue aggravates, please do PM to each other. Our forum is not an Arena to be fight for.

Topic / Message posts

1. Search before you post.

Before making a thread or queries, please do search in our forum if there are any related posts. Use the search button at the right side of the forum.

2. Accurate post, questions, and tutorials.

First, when posting a certain topic, it must be related to its category, otherwise it will be nulled or moved to a correct category. The description of your problems in tutorials must be understandable. Full details and direct to the point post. Screenshots can also determine the root of the problem and explanation of tutorials.

3. Language

Use English and tagalog language in communicating to this forum. This forum is exclusive for pinoys and entire Philippines.

NOTE: Never use Jejemon language. Naku naman! Wag mo paramihin ang lahi mo.

4. Fonts in writing message or topics.

Please do not use CAPITAL letters writing messages and post. It looks like you are shouting and angry. Overlarge font is a bad idea. Just maintain the font a size of 12.

5. Spam and off-topics

Please avoid posting a topic twice or we will give you a prior notice. Instead of double posting, you can bump your  topic after 24 hours. Additional, use edit button at the top-right of the post, to avoid double-posting.

6. Copying and stealing

Please do not copy or steal someone’s post in this forum. If you are found to steal or copy others work you will be given a warning.

NOTE: When violating some of the rules, an immediate warning will be given. A total of four (4) warnings and after that will be ban.

If you have any questions, clarifications, and advices, please post it here and as soon as possible we will take action on it.

We thank you for your comprehension and for respecting these rules.

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